“Remember Just To Stay Calm and Breathe…”


We’ve all felt this way.  Gritting our teeth, sweating/ shivering, wishing the sadist of a human being that is currently plummeting those sharp, SHARP needles into our skin, would give it a rest!!  I was, to say the least, a horrible tattoo-ee.  I actually could not stand being tattooed the more I got tattooed!  I’d love my new zap- after the planking of a massage table, kicking my legs like a 4 year old child having a temper-tantrum on the mall floor, and calling my tattooist a “bitch-ass, fucker.”  That my friends, is why, I tip 200$ EVERY TIME I get tattooed.  I was a nightmare.  I’ve always said, “I may be a tattooist, and enjoy giving tattoos- BUT I am a pussy.”  That’s changed a bit, with a little focus of the mind and being as comfortable as possible.

First off, it always helps to eat something before getting tattooed.  It’s not just because it stops you from passing out, food is delicious. Haha!

Second, remember to breathe, literally.  Do you ever wonder why yoga people are constantly focusing on breath?  It relaxes your body, and it helps you to keep from being too tense.  When your body is too tense when you are getting tattooed, your whole body is going to end up hurting more than the healing tattoo after your session.

Next, you want to try to focus on another part of your body.  I typically choose my knee to focus on, when I am in a sitting position.  I know this sounds really weird.  Every time a client is not enjoying the process of being tattooed, and I say “what’s your knee feel like?”, it completely confuses the shit out of them.  Your mind cannot occupy two places at once, so if you are feeling pain on your arm, and you start trying to feel what the top of your knee is feeling (without touching it) you are going to notice that it almost feels like you don’t have a knee at all.  It’s kind of a trip, but you should try this technique next time you feel like you can’t handle getting tattooed.

Good Luck!



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