The latin word for ideal is “ideālis.”




Satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect; most suitable.

“The traditional tattoo style ideal for a client that prefers clean bold-lines, primary colors, and a design that is based off of Mid-century, 1900s Americana .”
synonyms: perfect, best possible, consummate, supreme, excellent, flawless, faultless, exemplary, classic, model, ultimate, quintessential, picture-perfect
“ideal ink pallet”
antonyms: bad

Existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality.
“An ideal reality would be, one in which we always worked harmoniously with one another.”
synonyms: unattainable, unachievable, impracticable, chimerical…
Representing an abstract or hypothetical optimum.

“Getting a folky Pennsylvania Dutch tattoo from me is theoretically ideal “
synonyms: abstract, theoretical, conceptual, notional..
noun: ideal; plural noun: ideals
A person or thing regarded as perfect.
“You’re my ideal of how a client should be.”
synonyms: perfection, paragon, epitome, shining example, ne plus ultra, nonpareil, dream
“No tattooist could be the ideal he imagined for himself.”


What is your ideal Tattooist?

Do you need a minute to think about that?  Has anyone ever asked you that?

What is my ideal client?

I can tell you right away who that is.

First and foremost, my ideal client picked me to do their tattoo based off of my portfolio.

They enjoy how I design and tattoo.  Ideally, this is someone who is willing to receive the best tattoo I can execute to my capability, and this person would have total faith in the process.  My ideal client is easy to work with.  That client has done their research on what they are looking to get tattooed- and can clearly communicate or show what they desire.  This client should not be picking me just because I am a female, or are settling for me to do the tattoo because another artist isn’t available.

In contrast, there are those who I won’t be able to work with due to boundaries I have allowed for myself:

  • Not caring about the caliber of artwork that I generate.
  • Generally disliking my portfolio, verbally saying so, and then wanting me to tattoo you? Huh?
  • No trust in the designing, esthetics, color pallet, pricing…
  • We just don’t get along.
  • Price shoppers. It’s not forever or anything. Every artist is a DIFFERENT artist. It’s not ok to lump us up to find the best bargain.
  • Don’t choose me solely because I have a vagina.
  •  Don’t settle for me because someone that you really want to get tattooed by isn’t available today.  I am an awesome artist, and a really nice person. It’s really hurtful when you tell me “Ugh, well, Johnny Tattz wasn’t available…and neither was Bobby Needles…so yeah, I was driving by and saw this shop…” Your honestly is…interestingly rude.

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