Shadow Work / Readings


Our primal ancestors would have procured a talisman for protection, to aid in the hunt, bring forth abundance, to honor spirit, and for magick.

My hopes are to aid in a deepened process to collecting a tattoo, while connecting you to your truest self through shadow work, numerology, and the tarot.

The Soul Card Reading starts with uncovering your birth number. After some numerology is done, we can dive into the shadow aspects of your Soul Card and Teacher Card for this incarnation. To wrap up, we do nine card spread, that I call the Soul Card Reading. This allows us to dive deeper into the subconscious mind, to bring light to what you would need from your skincantation.

If we decide to move forward with tattooing, we schedule it at the end of the reading. For clarity, this offering is solely a reading at the time of the service, and does not include tattooing at the time of the service or the cost of the tattoo.

Creating sigils for my clients is considered a sacred ritual to me, therefore it is imperative to me to be able to connect to those I share my sacred work and be able to move forward with any skincantations!

  •  Skincantations, or incantation tattoos (also sigils),  live on your body temple (magickal symbols that aid in powerful transformation, spell, or positive affirmation / mantra)



After you book an tattoo appointment, I will draw something intuitively (the day of your tattoo appointment) based off of our experience, and tattoo it on your body temple the day of your scheduled tattoo appointment.