Story Consultation


Sigils, Soul Path Tattoos, and intuitive tattoos come from Your Story Consultations.

Our primal ancestors would have procured a tattoo for protection, to aid in the hunt, attracting abundance, to honor spirit, and for magick. My hopes are to aid in a deepened meaningful process to collecting a tattoo, while connecting you to your ancient ancestors to awaken the divine energy that lives within you.

There are two types of Story Consultations, one offering is The Spirit Journey Story Consultation and the other is The Soul Card Story Reading.

During a Spirit Journey Story Consultation, I ask my clients what they need in this moment, discover what collection of experiences made them who they are; I ask what passions and wounds they have, and together we do a spirit journey to collect symbolism that will aid them on their journey.

The Soul Card Story Reading starts with uncovering your birth number, diving into the shadow aspects of your soul’s incarnation card, and closed with a Soul Card reading which allows us to dive deeper into the subconscious mind to bring light to your Soul’s Path.

In the closing of your chosen consultation, we will decide what you need, if we chose to move forward with a tattoo.

  • Sigils, which are skin-cantation that lives on your body temple (magickal symbols that aid in powerful transformation, or a sort of positive affirmation / mantra)


  • Soul Path Tattoo, symbols collected from the spirit journey during the consultation.


  • Power Symbol, a symbol you brought with you that you believe connects you to your guides / spirit.


After you book an tattoo appointment, I will draw something intuitively (the day of your tattoo appointment) based off of our experience, and tattoo it on your body temple the day of your scheduled tattoo appointment.